It was a post, now it’s a growing page tying all the being themes and posts together.

I wanted to write an article for you on “The Art of Being” as I intend to make it one of my recurring speaking themes, however to be honest I am not yet sure I am qualified to…which in itself may make me qualified to, any philosophers out there?

Instead I offer an opportunity to take a Journey of discovery into the art of being with me.  Join us as we explore the idea of existence as an art form.

So we begin this journey of discovery with a quote, an anecdote and a list.

Quote:  “A sage will practice the Tao; A fool will only admire it.” –Lao Tzu- from the Tao Te Ching

Let’s just say that staring at that quote written in my note-book is the catalyst for our journey.  Taking the steps of the journey will get you farther than planning the perfect route, we will all make mistakes on the way but experiential learning is the strongest.  I have always been a bit of a fool, jumping into things, careers, hobbies, this blog without much more than a rough mind map, so let’s see where this adventure leads.

Anecdote:  Consistent new and tangible action is required to create desire behaviours.

So apparently it’s not enough to do it (whatever it is….) just once but it needs to be repeated consistently to create a habit.  Repetition is the key to mastery is a line that resonates with this idea, when sports players, musicians, business executives want to reach a new level they frequently hire a coach to whip them into repeated action in order to master the skills they need.

…and the List, Maslow, in his hierarchy of needs research revealed that there are 14 recurring themes in personal growth, they are:

Wholeness                                           Justice

Perfection                                            Aliveness

Goodness                                            Beauty

Completion                                          Uniqueness

Effortlessness                                      Playfulness

Richness                                              Truth

Simplicity                                            Self-Sufficiency

I think as a starting point we have a lot to consider, so as we move forward on this journey of discovery, contemplate what each of these means to you in your life.  Each week we will take a look at each one closer and examine the idea behind it and the consistent action we need to master it.

As always I am Dave Williams, your business steward and I hope you’ve found a valuable idea inside the Idea Vault.


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