Your best idea`s are in the trash, take a look

I replaced this ^ with the Idea Vault so I would never misplace another GREAT Idea Again

Your best idea`s are in the trash, take a look

It occurred to me today while reading the blog 1000 awesome thing that the best, most creative ideas we have get thrown in the trash.

Hear me out, when I look at that blog, i have an instinct reaction of “what a great idea, why don`t I think of things like that,” then it occurred to me, I do.  When I was a teenager my BFF (Steve) and I made a list, I’m shuffling papers right now to see if I can find it, of a hundred and some odd Rules of Life, they were awesome, some funny and some touching and then we stuck it in a file, that I know I have even if I can’t find it right now and occasionally look at it.

So what is the point of that ramble? You, just like I, have filed your BEST IDEAS under ‘those were the times’ or ‘what a wacky idea’ and forgotten about them. So let’s take a look in the trash bin shall we.

What was once oh so FUNNY as a joke one night when you were too tired to really think straight could have become a LOL CATS empire of funny pictures.

What was once a THEORY you put on paper in university, only to be trashed by your professor could have become, DELL, or MICROSOFT, or FED EX, but the professor knew better didn’t they.

What was once an INVENTION you though would work, but no one was interested in it could have become GORILLA GLASS, or still may.

What was once a HOBBIE you loved, but gave up for life could what the world REMEBERS you for.

So get out there and put your ideas into action.

As always I am Dave Williams, your business steward and I hope you’ve found a valuable idea inside the Idea Vault.

P.S. If you’re afraid of building a business and don’t know anything about it, here is some advice from Jim Collins, author of “Built to Last” on how to build a winning company.