The Art of being, Unique

Well this should be interesting.

Am I unique?  Are you?  Or perhaps the better question is do we want to be unique, I think so.  I think everyone wants to be unique, and recognized for their uniqueness in a positive way.  See I believe that as a society we may have misunderstood the idea of uniqueness to be different in a negative sense and then pushed the envelope of acceptable norms just to be recognized in any way (meaning negatively).

So if our quest to be unique is rooted in our human need for recognition it is easy to understand how we sometimes push the boundaries too far in an attempt to say “hey ma, look at me…” famous last words.  Now the question becomes how can we be unique in a way that accentuates who we are and is not strange for the sake of being strange.

I am reminded of Jim Collins book Good to Great in which he talked about The Hedgehog Concept, an idea that includes the possibility that everyone can be the best in the world at something, and get paid very well for being that.

I realize that your next question is the same as mine, what on earth am I better at than everyone else?  I guess that is the journey of discovery as oppose to calling this the answer vault.  I have chosen to take this journey and share with you as I go, so here are some of the Unique destinations I am considering to find my “Best in the World” nature.

4 Career Quizzes with 2 bonus learning style quizzes.
Abilities Quiz – Data People Things Quiz – Work Preference Quiz – Work Values Quiz
Multiple Intelligence Quiz – Seeing, Hearing, and Doing Quiz

Analyze your personality
Find out how Outgoing, Intuitive, Thoughtful and Perceptive you are.

Oprah helps people discover who you are meant to be.

And then there are the fun ones:

What Superhero am I?
What Flavour am I?
Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?
How much am I worth?

Why don’t you explore as I do.

As always I am Dave Williams, your business steward and I hope you’ve found a valuable idea inside the Idea Vault.