Is it possible to Recap #Emerge in just one blog post?

A Recap of OREA’s #Emerge seminar in Ottawa?
by Dave Williams

While I doubt I can do OREA’s Emerge seminar justice but here it goes.

The young professionals network brought together some of the regions best and brightest in emerging technology to showcase what’s possible in the real estate industry.

From @johnrossparks who is an entire real estate team rolled into his iPad, using apps like Evernote, Open Home Pro, and Pdf Expert he never needs other tool to do his real estate business. To @richardsilver who tirelessly works to get REALTORS® completely paperless in addition to his own real estate business (fingers crossed his work will pan out this year).  @Davechomitz taught the room that for $20 a year and 2h a week you could build a niche specialty online and @realtoramie taught how to use Facebook as an online extension of client touches; add value, reach out and show they are valuable to you, while @rayferrisjr showed that the same strategy works in person to build referrals.

@_interviewguy Mr. Michael Krisa talked about making video, his strategy; pick up  your phone and his record on the video camera, answer the 10 questions every one asks you, and then answer the 10 questions no one asks but should.  Now you have 20 videos to share on line and he secretly loves iPads but won’t admit it.  Thomas and Sally Cook shared their personal online strategies that helped them generate over 350 sales in one year and @Myvimo is producing what could be the next revolution in REALTOR® mobile software, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for them. @TouchMrktg talked about protecting your online reputation; it stars with setting up a Google alert for your personal name and brand.

While this barely scratches the surface of what was offered in today’s session I have one observation that may help boil it down.  Each group or team talked about the One Thing they focused on, worked, improved, refined and profited from.  In the end all I could ask of anyone was “What are you going to focus on tomorrow to change your business?” let me know @OrangeSlacks