Google doesn’t believe in its own Ad Words

Sure; it works fast, your ads can be set up in minutes,

Sure; you only pay when someone clicks,

Sure; I can try it for free by visiting the site and using the promotional code you provided in the flyer…

…but I would rather do what Google does;

Send out thousands of promotional (traditional) flyer advertisements in newspapers around the country.  I mean this is Google right?  They know the score, they invented (to some extent) online advertising, so if they are sending out mass marketing on paper flyers they must know something I don’t…right?

Could it be that Google doesn’t believe in its own Ad Words platform?

I highly doubt it, in fact I may tout this as proof that even “New Media” moguls like Google still believe in old school marketing methods, and maybe print media isn’t really dead.

When I look at this ad, it’s smart marketing, I found it in the Ottawa Business Journal, so they had the right market for small business opportunities.  75$ free advertising, or in their words 150 free leads to my site, well they have the right message.  How about the medium?

This flyer was found in the Ottawa Business Journal, advertising Google AdWords offline.

Why do you think Google would spend thousands of dollars to use what some call old school marketing?

Maybe Google realizes that attracting business is great but some times you need to go out and find some business for your self too…maybe they know that you can do both successfully at the same time.

What do you think?

Did Google miss its mark and hurt its brand, or do they know something about business?

As always I am Dave Williams, your business steward and I hope you’ve found a valuable idea inside the Idea Vault.