Why do Agents choose a Brokerage

the power of Why

I’ve been giving a lot of though to the WHY agents choose to work with the brokerage and teams that they do.

When I got into the business if found it humorous that I got to interview brokerages to decide where to work, in past J.O.B.s it had been the other way around.

Now I recognize it’s about who has the power in the relationship.  Brokerages have a VALUE offering, and agents choose what values & services are most important to them.

I have identified 5 key values that brokerages have to offer real estate agents.

  1. BRAND


Whether help with their personal brand, a national or international brand, or a systems & standards that a boutique holds itself accountable to, Branding is about how the company is positioned in consumers minds.

Best in class examples: RE/MAX, Century 21

Training & Leadership

Organized training, mentorship and coaching as well as the relationship with leadership of the organization are strong considerations for agents when looking for a brokerage in which to excel.

Best in class examples: Keller Williams


Over the years as many agents became more independent and brokerages have scaled down their administrative support directly to agents, but some still offer their agents direct access to the administrative staff.

Best in class examples: Royal LePage


As Apps flourish, brokerages that offer all-in-one technology solutions to their agent base are becoming more and more popular by letting agents leverage technology to save time with systems like electronic signatures, pre-build websites, included databases and integration between all those services.

Best in class example: None…yet


Agent to Agent referral is a flourishing business, to the point there are social networks built solely around fostering those relationships.  Meeting agents from other marketplaces to share best practices, learn from and trade leads with are a huge draw for social minded agents.

Best in class: RE/MAX, Sotheby’s, Christie’s