Why Social Media doesn’t works well for real estate agents.

They don’t work well on it.

Ok, that was bad English and a bad play on words but the underlying truth is still there.  Most real estate agents, as disciplined as they are with the rest of their time, fail to set aside time to learn how to become social media savvy.

This comes on the heels of sitting through a GREAT social media class for real estate agent and having some major Aha’s (or revelations to the non KW lingo’d of you) on how these “A” type personalities take on a task, Head First Focus;

Ask one to Sell this home, they dive into action, don’t rest, sleep or eat until the job is done.

The same thing happens when you introduce them to a new idea, like social media.  I predict there will be a major spike in Ottawa’s social media profile this week as Keller Williams agents put into practice the techniques Liz Landry, social media savvy agent (from Jacksonville, Florida) taught them.  What I suspect, is that it becomes an all or nothing endeavour, they will sign up for the Big 3, Google themselves till the cows come home and at the end of the week throw their hand up in the air and declare it a waste of time.

All because they ducked out and missed the most important thing Liz Landry had to say…

“Spend 20 minutes on it in the morning, afternoon and at night, and don’t give up your lead gen time.”

What do you think?  Will they last past the end of the week?

Dave Williams