Top 10 Idea Vault Posts

Welcome to the Idea Vault, the board where Ideas come to grow up, get their own home and move out of mine…wait I may have been talking about my kids there.

The Idea, there I go using that word again, is to share unique thoughts with the community and let the open source comments help the ideas grow and flourish.  So read up, take something with you that you read here and find a way to fit it into your own business, let us know what you did with it and how it worked so we can help make it even better.

#10 Anatomy of a Viral Campaign

This short post focuses on the easy to use strategies that help make a social media campaign go Viral.

#9 Rent to Own Could be the Wave of the Future, Lessons From R2Duo

As the aftermath of mortgage meltdowns settles, well sort of there are less and less banks willing to take risks of less than stellar credit individuals, in step the entrepreneurs.

#8 Helping your staff to quit complaining.

To understand why the idea vault existed you might need to be a little crazy...this is the mind map that lead to its creation, hopefully it will help you understand why

Building a complaint free workplace may be a pipe dream but there are a few simple ways to cut down the complaints.

#7 5 Money Making Ideas or Businesses you could build…

Free ideas worth millions or billions in the right hands, what will you do with them?

#6 Primary, secondary, tertiary customers; Can’t we have them all?

My Fav5

#5 Who’s advertising on your blog?  Did you know it defeats the purpose of your post?

#4 Creating a Marketing Plan…in 5 minutes.

#3 A Brand can design their interactions with clients for MAXIMUM exposure.

#2 Brainstorming Tweet Me a Beer Concept

#1 Can Ottawa be a shining example of community living to the whole world?