4 Money Making Businesses you could build

In the continuing spirit of offering you business ideas that you could build into something of your own, today I have something for a programmer and restaurant owner, someone who likes to party or likes kids, and an urban outdoors type with a special bonus for monetizing Canadian doctor’s practices.

$34.50 -13% tax = Pretax total x 15% tip, were they worth it?

I call the first Idea a True Tip Calculator: A properly programmed Tip Calculation app could both locate you by GPS, and be pre-programmed with the tax rates for each state and province so when you enter the final amount of the bill it will back calculate the taxes then calculate the tip based on a rating you give the server from 1-10, set 15% at a rating of 7 and the thought process is taken out of the tipping process.  Ok sure, but there are hundreds of these style calculators out there, where is the opportunity you ask.  Sell the server ratings back to the restaurants in a real time subscription model allowing them honest feedback.  You make money selling the app, or give it away, you sell subscriptions to the restaurants, and you can have draws and give-aways for the users to encourage usage of the app.

Cael : I WANNA GO ON THE MOON BOUNCE AGAIN!!! Me : How about I just buy you one for home...sigh

Business #2 – I’ll Bounce you to the Moon: Or as my son learned at the neighbourhood BBQ this week, moon bounces are fun, you know the giant inflatable castles that kids jump up and down in.  A little research discovered that the going rate is $350 for about 2 hours (do you make $175/hour) of fun and they retail for $1,200 – $1,750 depending on complexity, they fit (deflated) in the back of an SUV.  That means the return on your $ is 5 events.  After hosting 5 bounces (or 10 hours) your business has broken even, and thinks of the backyard parties you could throw with one?

Not a fan of children, every parent there wanted the opportunity as well (though none partook), so you could run the same business as “adults only” parties, also considered the same business model with Hot Tubs!

3) Urban Outdoor Types – take note:
Municipalities are Crying for Real Statistical Data
: Have you heard the talk about

"..and how many bathrooms does you home have? That's not offensive is it?"

making census data voluntary?  When they are talking about no longer forcing people to fill out the full information, should this happen the municipalities and other groups that rely on federal statistical data say they will no longer be able to trust the information.  Enter you, the opportunity in that event for data research companies to provide needed information to the municipalities will grow exponentially.

Four: Providing a service to Doctors: What service? The ability to consult existing patients by E-Mail is not currently recognized by OHIP but 81% of people studied in a 2005 poll said they would like to be able to consult with their doctors by email, the FDA agrees.  Building a system that doctors could use that would track, prioritize, and allow for collaboration would be a boon to doctors and the licensor when this paradigm shifts.

As always I am Dave Williams, your business steward and I hope you’ve found a valuable idea inside the Idea Vault.


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