The Art of Being; Playful

Tag, you’re it!

When was the last time we as adults played?  I had the opportunity to take my 2 year old son to the park on the weekend and did he ever have a lot of fun, just playing.  It got me thinking about the last time I saw Kevin Carroll (author of the Red Rubber Ball) speak.   His message then, and my thoughts (thanks to his reprogramming of my filters) were; we need to find more time to play in our everyday lives, play at work, play at home, play with those we love, and play in our quiet time (yup I almost wrote with ourselves.)

I would like to say I play every day, but I would be lying (so I won’t).  I do have to admit I have fun, a lot of fun when I write; sometimes I share the joke and sometimes I just enjoy it myself (cause it’s probably too odd.)

Now here’s the worry:  What do you do if you’ve forgotten how to play?

I’d start by l00king into everything Kevin Carroll related and not, examining your everyday surroundings, and taking the time to devote to play.

If you’re going to play, it’s going to be…



…and you’ll need to let go of your pride, as my son just reminded me with a snotty nose wipe on my golf shirt…

…yes I’m a father and I’m learning all over again how to PLAY!

My son has show me that moving friends is a game, you can dance in the street (when it’s blocked and safe :), and riding the bus is an adventure.

Let me show you as I roll down a hill, look at shapes in the clouds, chase a toddler around the park yelling “RAWR…I’m a dinosaur,” no worries about pride here.

If you’re not so lucky as to have a child to remove your pride and shock your fun back into life you may have to WORK to PLAY…however it’s going to be fun work.

If you need help learning to play, start by telling me something good in the guest log, find something everyday to examine…upside down and side to side, write a little note to anyone you see, and just for fun walk up to someone and TAG them before walking away.

As always I am Dave Williams, your business steward and I hope you’ve found a valuable idea inside the Idea Vault.


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