5 Money Making Ideas or Businesses you could build…

We all get that itch from time to time, the desire to strike out on our own and fire the boss, fire the company and open your own business.

I for one think you should!

You will be reward in business based on the value you bring to others.  The value you bring will come from doing what no one else can or doing it better; entertaining, providing access to information; transforming something of little value into something more valuable; or providing effective service.

So here are 5 business ideas that you could build:

There is a prize at the bottom, you have 60 sec...GO!

#1 Extreme Obstacle Course/Game Show Theme Park

We’ve all seen the shows on Tv like Global’s Wipeout, or the most extreme elimination challenge and said to ourselves “

I could do that!”  So here’s the idea, give them the facilities to do it.  Create a game show style family amusement centre where folks can go for dinner and a show as everyone competes in activities like the ball pit diving challenge, a gauntlet style obstacle course, video trivia challenges and more.

#2 Self driving collectable car set.

Limited Time Offer: 20% off on last seasons models. The dies have been broken and they will never be offered again.

I always remember as a child wanting to get 3 or 4 sets of electric car tracks and combining them into a mega track.  The technology has improved now so what if you build a contained but expandable road set with battery-powered rechargeable cars that would drive (following) the road.  Have a collection of limited edition cars each year and voila, children can build the biggest coolest car track one set at a time.

# 3 Text back info service, or tweet back for that matter.

As a consumer you want easy free access to information about products, services, and other things you see when you are out an about.  As business people we want permission to contact potential clients and entice them with free offers, services, and sweepstakes to get that permission.  What if the information was the key to getting permission?  You could provide an email brochure service by text requests for companies who would then be able to collect phone numbers and email addresses of people interested in their product or service.

You provide the service; the companies provide the material and offering.

“For more information on this service text your email address to 21212” (this is twitters text service so don’t)  “There is no charge for this service beyond what your cell phone carrier charges you for texts, and your email addresses are kept confidential.”

Look at all that land, so close to downtown, just imagine how short the commute would be.

#4 Brownfield’s rehabilitation flips

Brownfield are a real estate term for land that may have been contaminated by chemicals. No one wants to buy them, they are old gas station lots, plots of lands where old oil tanks for heating may have leaked, usually in prime locations but stigmatized as a lot of trouble.  It took governments offering huge cash incentives to get developers to start considering the land…then they discovered something.  Only a very small percentage of the land was really contaminated, it was a risk but not much of one, the governments don’t even offer the incentives in our area any longer.  If you bought the land for a decent price, and the environmental survey came up clean you were a big winner.  If not you cleaned up the soil which in my area comes in around $12/sq. Ft. And could either build on the land or resell it and still net a profit.  Simply stated not many people know how to do it, and most believe it’s not profitable, however there are now 2 developers in our city who specialize in it and are buying up the land as fast as they can.

#5 Full service micro business offices.

With massive vacancies in commercial leasing right now, you may be a business owner who has too much space and not enough businesses to fill it.  Consider this, what if instead of filling all your space with one big company you focused on some of the 24 Million small business out there.

Turn your space into individual business offices that entrepreneurs can rent out.  They get a desk, phone with #, internet access, fax/print/copier and related business services on site for one fee.  You create a place where they can network and grow together, sell services to each other, and a bad turn of luck won’t clear out a whole floor.

Well folks, that the short and sweet version of 5 business ideas.  If you want any more information on these or other business ideas text me @…just kidding, but please do Contact Me.

As always I am Dave Williams, your business steward and I hope you’ve found a valuable idea inside the Idea Vault.


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