[Video Post] 10 tips to make your condo worth more money.

Hi There, I’m Dave Williams your business steward and today Real Estate Dave  I wanted to answer your questions about the top 10 tips to make your condo worth more money.

Now if you’re going to be placing the condo on the market any time soon, please find out if the upgrades are going to NET you more money before starting them.  Here are the top 10 ways to make your condo worth more money before you go to market:

10 – Chic Kitchen: Modernize your kitchen by installing Stainless steel appliances, Granite counters, windowed or frosted glass cupboards, pot lights, under cabinet lights, a nice breakfast bar if you’ve got room.

9 – Spa like Bathroom: Earth tones, ceramic tiles, Jacuzzi tub, massage shower head, heat lamp, and don’t forget lots of storage space.

8 – Flooring: I mentioned ceramic tiles in the bathroom, they also go great in the kitchen, and real hardwood looks great throughout the whole condo.

7 – Crown moulding : Nice white crown moulding throughout the house gives your condo a touch of class.

6 – Art work: I would suggest sticking with a boutique gallery if you are planning to go to market.  They are moderately priced and you can usually find a suitable piece for every room.

Looking for a lower cost solution because you are going on the market?

5 – Stylish Light fixtures: Designer looking light fixtures are not expensive and can add a distinct look to your condo.  Start with the kitchen, then bathroom and then move onto the master bedroom, dining room and other living areas.

4 – Rich curtains/blinds: Dark and rich curtains, blinds combined with silver or brass rods will give your windows some pop.

3 – Good looking door handles and drawer handles that match: Some nice brushed nickel or a design that matches your staged decor, repeated throughout the condo.

2 – Paint: Light earth tone paints will give you the greatest bang for your buck when reselling.

1 – Windex: Clean all the windows, inside and out (safely) to give your condo the best light and view.

Here’s hoping I’ve given you an Idea or 2.

Dave Williams


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