“Do you recognize me?”

“Do you recognize me?”

Unlike the stages of grief, your clients are likely to go through he first 4 stages of the Experiential Business Model quite rapidly…welcome to stage 3…do you recognize me?

Have you ever run into someone who asked you that question, “Do you recognize me?”  Did it leave you stuttering, flipping through the pages of your memory, and desperately trying to connect the dots?  Well if you represent the lostness factor, they are now in “Recognition mode” waiting to see if you know who they are, wondering how long it will take for you to remember their name and reality check: you’re way past pretending it was a joke.

They (your clients) are waiting to be recognized.  Now in practice you are not going to remember everyone’s name by heart but there are subtle clues you can use to recognize your client s needs and move them towards their comfort zone.  Sadly the recognition phase is what they term the “Wow Factor” in some circle, that is recognize your clients needs and provide for them before they ask, however a lot of the time

Share your thoughts on how to solve these Recognition Complaints? Take from a real life customer service complaint blog.  Hint: The Answers unlike high school are not a rewording of the question. (well ok #6 is…)

  1. I live in North American, I don’t want to talk so someone in India.
  2. I am dressed in a business suit for this plane ride; I don’t want to sit next to the lady and her kid.
  3. Just because I have a screaming kid does not give you the right to ignore me.
  4. Let me speak to your supervisor.
  5. I went to their website and found that the reviews on this product indicated that 43% of their clients had negative reviews and had problems with this product.
  6. Obviously they are not expected to inspect the returned merchandise they accept prior to placing it back on the shelf for resale.

Tune in tomorrow to see my thoughts, probably won’t be as good as yours on these Recognition Complaints.

Here’s hoping I’ve given you something to think about.

Dave Williams


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