A Brand can design their interactions with clients for MAXIMUM exposure.

Here is an introduction to the idea that a Brand can design their interactions with their clients for MAXIMUM exposure.

Hello and Welcome, I am Dave Williams your Business Stewards and toady I want to introduce you to the Experiential Business Model.

What the heck is that, other than a mouth full, it’s the idea that a customer’s experience with your brand can be planed and scripted like a theatrical performance?

Imagine if you will, the immortal bard William Shakespeare walking up onto stage, as he often acted in his own plays, in front of King James of England, who often attended the plays and introducing himself,

“Hi Folks, thanks for coming out tonight, my name is Bill, and I hope you enjoy the show…the end is a bit rough since I only finished it last night, but I could not figure out what to rhyme with orange…ok so here’s the show.”

Never, the opening scene of a show is carefully set up, scripted, practiced for weeks before opening night.

When was the last time you took that kind of care with your business?

What do clients think of your advertising, marketing, greetings on site, instructions, products, call centres, customer service reps, sales people, the look of your building…breath…

Imagine that all of this could be planed and scripted to give your clients an unforgettable experience that they can’t help but tweet about, I mean tell others.

Can you buy word of mouth marketing?

Yes, you can.

Join me on the idea vault as I begin to unravel the mysteries of Client focused design.

My Name is Dave Williams, and I hope I’ve given you something to think about.


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