Brainstorming Tweet Me a Beer Concept – Come Help

Stewards Log 11:58:24:06:2010 – TWEET A BEER

Yesterday it was a funny joke, and then i got to thinking…could Tweet Me a Beer be a viable option.  It’s a good Idea, with the right #codes you could have a pub or bar that trended almost constantly.  There are some drawbacks, you would need some systems to insure only customers at the bar are tweeting a beer, a tracking system for the bartender and servers to get the message instantly.

My thoughts so far are for the Servers to have business cards with their personal hash code for the day/hour (such as #OrangeSlacks42) then the customers could tweet #TweetMeaBeer #OrangeSlacks42 and then ask for what they want…sort of like David On Demand but less bodily damage to the servers.

Set the bartenders/kitchen up with Tweetchat? and then they monitor, or create a POS system that pulls them in as orders.

So give me a hand here flushing out the concept, what drawback, systems, security issues, or fun fantastic ideas can you dream up.

Share with us and I’ll update this post to see if we can create a working Tweet Me a Beer concept.

Dave Williams


3 thoughts on “Brainstorming Tweet Me a Beer Concept – Come Help

  1. From Steve:

    Hello Dave,

    I’m sure you have thought of all this, but these are my thoughts.

    It seems like a very simple system to implement. The restaurant gets a Twitter account. Each table has a small display with the account name and a unique table number. The kitchen and bar each have a monitor set up, and are connected to a computer logged in to Twitter. Guests then simply use Twitter to make their order, addressed to the appropriate @restaurant.

    Seems almost self-evident eh? I’m surprised it isn’t happening already. Twitter is free, the restaurant could use it to notify regulars that follow it about all kinds of events, and it would be more efficient(possibly) for the servers because they would have to spend less time doing rounds. It really seems like little more than an electronic chit system. It won’t eliminate restaurant specific software like Squirrel and similar, but it’s an interesting idea.

    That being said, if your ambition is to somehow get paid for this insight, I think you would face an uphill battle. The moment you proposed the idea, and owner would most likely just take your advice and leave you out in the cold. If your ambition is simply to see a new technology integrated into the restaurant industry, then by all means make the rounds and suggest it.

    That’s all I have for the moment. I’m curious to hear your own thoughts.

  2. And Mroe from Steve:

    Also, you could get liquor delivery companies on board. It might reduce their call center costs. Plus, a guy at home could just send a message to whomever and get a quick confirmation with price and expected delivery time. This is less innovative, as you are just using the text capacity of your phone as opposed to it’s phone capacity.

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