Your 1st Impression may be your ONLY impression. Don’t let them go away apathetic.

Stewards Log 22:20:21:06:2010

You may have heard/read me mention the Experiential Business Model, the idea that a customer’s interaction with your brand and facilities could be scripted to deliver a Shakespearean quality event.

Let’s start in the middle today at “The First Impression”

<The camera pans over to your clients Driving/Walking/Skiing towards your business.>

<It follows them as they approach; then zooms in to them and takes on their Point of View as your facility comes into view…>

<It’s the grand opening, there are spotlights shining into the sky all around, you have rolled out the red carpet for your elite guests.>

Now this should evoke some images in your mind of very high (expensive) class customer service.  In all likely hood a level that would be tough to maintain every day.  Luckily there are any number of factors that contribute to a memorably first impressions.

Opportunity #1 – The Look

If you have a business location we are talking about the physical environment, if you have a service business we are talking about you.

In most cases the very first impression your clients have is the approach to your store, facility, compound, or potentially the shelf your product is showcased on in someone else’s facilities.  As a service professional the only thing they have to look at is you.

I will go out on a limb and said that Clean is a giant component of the look since clutter is a stress creator and in only but a few cases is it the emotional state you want your clients in when first interacting with your brand.

Customize your brands look to evoke the emotion you want in your client, know your colour theory and use it.

Opportunity #2 – Choose your words carefully.

The first words, you or any employee utters to a client, the tone they use the emotion on their face has the potential to win or lose the sale.

Your scripted client greeting can convey a huge brand identity.   I remember the story of one growing client service business that with one location and a hundred employees started answering their phones as the “international office”, guess where they are today.

Have you ever wished you could explain your brands identity to your clients, this scripted greeting can ensure their first interaction tell them who you are.

Did you notice mine earlier?

The Experiential Business Model is the idea that a customer’s interaction with your brand and facilities could be scripted and planned to deliver a Shakespearean quality event.

I chose orange by the way because it softens the blow when people realize I am a little off the wall.

Don’t forget A smiling face is the easiest to associate with, and we love to see them looking at us.

More Experiential Business Model, coming next week.  The “Lostness Factor”

Here’s hoping I’ve give you an Idea or 2.

Dave Williams


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