Which is the best way to recharge your emotional battery? The Body?

Stewards Log: 19:43:11:06:2010

Face it, we all have bad days, where we zombily drag our feet into the house at the end of the day and collapse on the couch.  The problem is we’ve been in this mode since NOON!

How much productive work have we gotten done?
How many conversations have we had…and forgotten the details?
If we don’t go to bed right now how useful will we be tomorrow?

So how do we combat this?  When I think about work, and getting the most out of a project and my time there are a few bits of wisdom that come to mind.  The Pareto Principle tell us that 20% of our work produces 80% of the results, and some people suggest we get the most important part of our work day out of the way as earlier as possible, citing this principle as reason.  More suggest that the more focus we can place on the 20% that matters, the less we need to worry about the other 80% of the activities.

This is all great advice, but what I have discovered it that it all comes down to ENERGY.  The 20% activities they talk about are usually the toughest you have to deal with, and if you don’t have the energy, willpower, courage, what every you want to call it, there is a very good chance it could get put off to another day….

…or a little emotional recharge to give us the energy we need to tackle the difficult assignments.

I think the easiest facet of bolstering your energy is the Physical aspect.  We all get that a healthy body mean more energy.

I strongly recommend people build a routine around the 3 facets I am going to discuss, but each one can also serve as a band-aid solution in a pinch, so when your feeling run down you can just as easily devote 10 min to recharging.

Sleep : If we sleep less than our body needs to feel refreshed and don’t catch up we might experience daytime sleepiness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, poor thinking(or none at all), increased risk of accident.

Meditation : can strengthen your body as well as your mind.  Stretching meditation like Yoga, Tai Chi are great power sessions to recharge your physical body and can easily be accomplished in a lunch break in addition to taking the time to…

Eat, food is the fuel for your body.  Light fruits and vegetables are ripe with natural sugars to give you an instant boost while carbs and proteins are heavier but if processed overnight will give you a great boost for the whole day.

Work & Exercise : In a physical work enviroment or as a field worker you may not be exercise challenged, however most of the rest of us are subject to Newton’s first law , “An object that is at rest will stay at rest unless an unbalanced force acts upon it.”  That unbalanced force is our desire to improve our well being.  Getting yourself into motion, not necessarily “feel the burn” exercise but a walk, bike ride, jog, cleaning my house…will help replenish your personal energy store.

“If all the year were playing holidays; To sports would be as tedious as to work.”  William Shakespeare

Next up the mind…

Dave Williams


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