[Short Post] Who’s advertising on your blog? Did you know it defeats the purpose of your post?

Stewards Log: 11:09:14:06:2010

Did you know the advertising on your blog could be sending the wrong message?

It looks like this guy got off the Body by Vi program with help from a jug of chocolate syrup.

An associate of mine, Marty McSweeney was recently telling me about his newest endeavour, the Body by Vi 90 day challenge and a thought I would look it up.

This is what I found, an advertisement next to a blog with a guy drowning himself in chocolate syrup.  Doesn’t speak well to the program does it.  He’s actually calling for Bloggers to unite in protesting the BP Oil Spill in the “Gulf of America” as Stephen Colbert calls it stating “You broke it you bought it.”

I’ll admit that I found this picture so funny that I did not even get any farther into the blog.  This is the DANGER, who is advertising what on your personal space, and does it send the opposite message that you are trying to make?

I guess I’ll just have to let Marty tell you more about Body by Vi, if you want to get in shape, slim down and potentially make money doing it check him out on Facebook @



Dave Williams


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