[Video Post] Building Team Cohesion.

Instructions for Team Cohesion Exercise

1 – Call a team meeting

2 – Endure the complaints, tell them it will take 25 min.

3 – Before they arrive draw this matrix on a white board/display pad, or you can use the circular drawing from the video, that is the one I use.

4 – Explain to the team this will be a 25 min team building activity with a 10 min break, enjoy the admiration.

5 – Give everyone 8 post it notes, tell them for each category to rate the team on a scale of 1 to 10 by writing their # on a post it note and placing it on the chart.  I find it helps if you use different colour post-it notes for each category so if the fall off you know where they belong.

6 – Give them a 10 min break, average out all the number and find out which is the lowest.

7 – Show the team the numbers and then explain you as a team are going to tack the lowest one each week.

8 – Brainstorm for 5 min how to work on the lowest category this week with 3 action everyone could take.

9 – Make a 3 Actions poster

10 – Repeat next week.


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