Is there any $ to be made on Twitter other than selling “How to make $ on Twitter” programs?

Stewards Log: 19:11:04:06:2010

Yes or No, roll the dice...
"Critical Hit!"

I would have to say the answer is Yes…and No.

Regardless of what business you are in, product, service, both, neither the only thing you need is;


At the end of the day, no sales means you lost money today, because even if you did not spend any cash, you’ve spent your time; if you’ve had some sales you may have come close or broken even; and if you made lots of sales hopefully that translates into lots of profits so you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility that financial profitability entitles you too.  Which is my way of saying if your earned it, spend it with some people whose company you enjoy.

This is where the NO comes in, Twitter does not make you sales, it can help and we’ll talk about that shortly but it is not a sales person, passionate about your product who will sell it for you.  No.  Sales come from consumers, people who are not yet your customer/client, but some of them will be, some of them may even become advocated or “Mavins” as Seth Godin terms them.  This is where Twitter can help you make $.

A Pack of Twitter Cigarettes
"Ahh refreshing!" Try searching for the tag #smokefreeme on Twitter

Twitter is a medium that you can, and many do use as a marketing platform to help you connect with NEW people and build brand relationships, if your message is clever enough; honest enough; and supported by an off twitter system that helps you build your business.

So what does a Twitter generated piece of business look like?

Let’s say you are clear about who is in your primary target market.  You can very easily find and connect with this market segment by searching for profile notes, location and hashtags (#keywords, with the #) in their posts.

Follow them and some of them will follow you back, as that is considered polite.

In the mean time you will want to start the conversation about your product/service/ect.  Start tweeting, about what it is you do/sell/ect.  Use the aforementioned #hashtags just like this one here =>
as the help make your content searchable, and use short url links to direct people to your main website for more information on your product/service/i like slashes.

If it helps, think of the tweets as the “Attention” (headline) part of direct response writing. Attention => Problem => Solution => Call to Action
Your website, blog.ect is going to fill in the rest of the equation; and hopefully your call to action is “Buy Now” as well as “Sign Up” to stay informed and don’t miss out.

Now that you have successfully met new people and introduced them to your product/service and had the opportunity to make a sale you can remain in relationship with them.  Both with traditional communication and by means of Twitter.  Not only does Twitter give you the opportunity to build and continue strengthening your brand to client relationship but also facilitates ongoing two-way communication.  As a bonus if your interactions build enough trust, your clients, partners, and supported can promote you to their followers…INSTANTLY!

There are many techniques to build your profile on Twitter, however the all boil down to how creative you can be in 140 characters.

So as the Bard once wrote

I wish you well and so I take my leave,
I Pray you know me when we meet again.

William Shakespeare

<- My Newest Follower on Twitter today.  Lol

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