A Sandwich and a Stapler, what’s the Connection?

Stewards Log: 12:18:03:06:2010

What is the connection between a sandwich and a stapler?


This is an example of a free forme thinking exercise.  Many folks who have watched me take thought cloud notes, create policy connections, use Tier 3 business transference methods have also given me the look…

…you know the look, what planet are you on, where on earth did you learn to make these connections, or is there something wrong with you?  Yah, most likely, but we live in a society of acceptance so accept me.  Too bad it’s not that easy.

So, I would like to show you, and help you understand osandwichr at least appreciate what I do.

Take a sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ paper and turn it sideways to a landscape profile.  Now write sandwich on one side and stapler at the other end.

Now for each word draw a short line and jot down an idea associated with it, like lunch.

Try your hand at it, I am going to show you my association as soon as I create it.  There is no right answer by the way, nor am I even sure there is a connection as I have not done the exercise yet…boy that could be embarrassing.

Ok here I go…  Sandwich to Stapler

Sandwich - Lunch - Bread - Meat - Baggie - Combination of Foods = Stapler - Red - Black - Plastic - Desk - Business - Attach - Combiner - One is a combiner the other is a combination of foods...

So the connection is that a sandwich came from the idea of a simple combination of food groups and a stapler is an idea combiner.

Therefore my root similarities are; idea combinations…hmmm.

I’d like you to know these 2 objects were arbitrarily chosen, despite how easily they proved my point that freeform thinking can easily associate memes.

Ok, let’s try again, you give me 2 this time.


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