#ihavevalues Do You?

Here is a company that proudly displays their values.

Stewards Log: 10:50:01:06:2010

What an odd statement, I have values.

Sure every person has value, but do they have values?

In truth most people do, they simply have trouble articulating them.  Years a go I hade the opportunity to create my own personal values with the Franklin Covey Mission Statement Builder (found here).  I would like to share with you the refinement of those statements into the Values I now hold true and have shapes my path in life over the last few years.

I invite you to follow the link and creat your own guiding values, and please share them with the #ihavevalues @OrangeSlacks on twitter, or here in the comments.

Dave’s Guiding Values

There is always a path to your goal, you may need to approach each challenge differently but you WILL SUCCEED.

A genuine SMILE will win you the day.

By being yourself you will ATTRACT the kind of people you enjoy spending time with.

There are 360 angles to every problem.  How do you VIEW it?

Have faith in yourself, you have the strength, intelligence, and endurance to tackle everything you set yourself to.  (Stuart Smalley Moment)

Excitement is CONTAGIOUS.  Live life with zeal and others will too.

The positive always looks better than the negative.

If you creat your own view of the world, why don’t you paint it in colour?

Happiness and kindness are free to give, and return exponentially on investment.

Leaving a legacy is about inspiring others to be GREATER than you ever hoped to be.

Dave Williams


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