Thinking about making this rant a promotional video on customer value? What do you think?

Yesterday we talked about recognizing clients for who they are with some bad examples of customer complaints, what I think they are all saying is, give me some value.

So while we review what I think the customers were really saying in yesterdays examples, think about this: What is the Value of One Customer?

  1. I really want to talk to someone who understands me…and it’s not about the language or accent really but about talking to someone I relate with who takes the time to understand the problem finds 1 solution to repairs it.  (Re: I live in North American, I don’t want to talk so someone in India.)
  2. Don’t puke on me, Don’t puke on me, Don’t puke on me…I probably don’t have time to get cleaned up before I hit the meeting at the other end of this flight.  (Re: I am dressed in a business suit for this plane ride; I don’t want to sit next to the lady and her kid.)
  3. At this point I am even more tired of the screaming child than you re but I am too stubborn to turn around and go home without what I came for.  The quicker I get what I am after the quicker I’ll be out of your store, and the quieter it will be.  (Re: Just because I have a screaming kid does not give you the right to ignore me.)
  4. You seem nice, but I don’t think nice has the power to make me happy. (Re: Let me speak to your supervisor.)
  5. Someone needs to rework their product. (Re: I went to their website and found that the reviews on this product indicated that 43% of their clients had negative reviews and had problems with this product.)
  6. Fault Recognition: If your staff oopsied maybe you should clean up the mess.( Re: Obviously they are not expected to inspect the returned merchandise they accept prior to placing it back on the shelf for resale.)

So what is the value of one customer…

…One Customer who will shop LOCALLY from now on;

…One customer that may SWITCH providers to something more in his/her niche;

…One customer that may decide next time it’s too much HASSLE to bother with your product of service;

…One customer who thinks there is no AUTHORITY in your brand;

…One customer who will highly consider what people have to say about you BEFORE considering your brand;

…One customer who thinks you don’t have what it takes to stand up for what you BELIEVE in when their experience doesn’t line up with your brand identity.

These clients mean everything or nothing to your business.  You Decide, however the customer will always know the value you place on their patronage and reward those who place high value on them with word of mouth, personal promotion and free marketing.

Here’s hoping I’ve given you an Idea or 2.

Dave Williams