[Short Read] Passion gives you the energy to get through the day.

Stewards Log: 9:28:27:05:2010

I was inspired to write this post today by Scott Berkun’s Blog, the author of “Confessions of a Public Speaker” a great book by the way.


It’s all around us, in us, moves through us.  We create it by eating, exercising, interacting, and use it in much the same way each and every day.  As I have mentioned before your energy reserves are the key focus to managing your self, your time, and your success.

I have a passion for Writing! and a Drive to get this office for myself.


Sometimes confused with emotion, as emotional people are also quite passionate, sometimes confused with caring,  it is more aptly described as a fundamental connection with your emotional power source, or engagement (to use a buzz word).  This is how people launch themselves into Action, with Passion.

A womans Passion for her child gives her the strength a car,
A mans Passion for life gives him the energy to crawl out of a desert,

What other examples can you think of that draw on peoples passion
to give them a wellspring of energy?  (Share them with us below)


They call this the Big Why, that reason d’être (french for “reason to BE”) that drives you through life.  Some people have it, some people have not found theirs yet.  You can be sure thought, the people who have found their drive, don’t give up, don’t settle for no, and win despite all their losses.

So what is your DRIVE today? (It does not have to be curing cancer, but I’d love to know what motivates you through the rest of the day.)

So the secret message for today is:

Passion + Drive = Energy (to make it through the day)

Dave Williams


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