Tomas the Tank Engine teachs us Marketing


Stewards Log: supplemental
Thomas and a FEW of his friends.


Tomas the Tank Engine (sound warning) is a great example of a product that while I have only recently been expose to (on account of a two and a half-year old son) I can see from the material they provide has grown based on good ideas. 

  • Evey train has their name on the bottom (So parents know/seem smart)
  • Evey train comes with a collectors card (So you don’t buy the same one twice)
  • Every package comes with a brochure of sooooo many trains you don’t have.
  • They retire trains every year (So you have to get them)
  • They tie in with a TV show (To build relationships with your children)
  • The tracks (I think) are designed to engage the parents. (Since my wife and her friends build a new track for my son every day, each one crazier than the last>)

Does this spark any ideas for your brand?
Share with us. 

Dave Williams


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