A Vision of Value

Stewards Log: 9:32:17:05:2010-12:03:25:05:2010

Vision, in the “I have a dream” sense of the word has the power to motivate and mobilize people to heights they never thought possible.  How would you like that kind of motivation in your office?

Then the question YOU are asking is how can I create this kind of ENERGY and excitement in my business, my staff, my customers, and my bottom line.

The challenge with Vision(s) and creating one is they can seem too big at first glance, daunting even.   The GOOD NEWS  is you do have vision, actually many of them, the come in flashes of inspiration and thoughts every single day.  The worrisome part is they are easily discounted, so fragile in the budding into life that a casual comment can crush it without thought.

Over the course of you life time you may have been led (and led yourself) to believe they are fantasies, day dreams, that you have your head in the clouds, and tricked yourself into focusing on “reality” or the here and now.  The beautiful part of visioning is it can be the thread that ties the here and now to a future of possibility.

Where would we be today without VISION?  What marvels of today would we be without is 10, 20 or 50 years ago someone had given up their vision…

…but having Vision is simple the first step, they are also difficult to translate to your people, they may not understand them, or even accept your vision.

Building your vision.

I thought of calling this section ‘finding your vision’ but you already have it.  Everywhere you go you see, hear and read things that spark ideas, when you;

  • go to another place of business,
  • observe the interactions around you,
  • read a book,
  • watch a movie,

…well you get the point, you are seeing other peoples visions at work.

How often have you heard about a new product, service, or website and slapped your forehead saying “I thought of that years ago.”   We all share ideas, it’s the person with vision that says “I will make it happen, I will find away to bring that idea out of my head and into the REAL WORLD.”

So let’s talk about your vision;

Grab a notebook and on a new page leave 3 or 4 lines open at the top,
then number the lines from 1 to 10 (you may want to double space).

This will be a short exercise but it may challenge you
 to think a lot, so you can do it on a coffee break,
at lunch, or right now even.

At the TOP of the page write down;

The world around me would be a better place if only…

and quickly fill in your 10 spots.

If you can’t think of 10 right away, it’s ok, you will think of more ideas over the next few days.  Be sure to carry your notebook with you (and a pen) as they will come to you in flashes of inspiration that you won’t be able to get out of you mind now that you have unlocked it.  You may even end up with more that 10, keep jotting them down for the rest of the week.  At the point you fill the page, margins, ect you should probably stop for now and choose ONE you would like to focus on first.

Now you have a VISION!

Translating and Imparting your vision to others…  (is next)

If you care to share some of your own visions, please do, or consider creating your own Bucket List.

Dave Williams,

Goal planning with your vision?  Read This
Sticking to your Plan? Read This or This


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