Dave William’s Bucket List (not to be confused with Cael)

What is a Bucket List?

Stewards Log: Sunday

Inspired by Joshua’s (@phjoshua) dream jobs and projects list on his blog The Reviews are In and plenty of spare time on a baby free weekend I bring to you my Bucket List, in particular order.

  • Get Pilot’s & Helicopter License and then
  • Own A Jet Plane & A Helicopter
  • Cleaning Maid for the home
  • Help Trisha’s open her Coffee Shop (Coffee Cat is the working title right now) and once it is successful (and documented), finance and franchise the systems to entrepreneurs in other cities.
  • Help Rob found his Reno Business
  • Coach five of the Top RE Teams in Ottawa (1)
  • See Ottawa as a Shining example of Community Living to the Whole World.
  • Win a Hugo Award and run down the aisle with it yelling Zoooooooom!
  • Launch RED Coaching
  • Transform the Real Estate Industry
  • Publish Several Books or many, even have some on the New York Times best sellers list.  Yes I am open to co-authoring and my projects started so far include:
  1. No Tipping Required (A reformation of the North American Restaurant business model)
  2. Real Change (A brain storm on How to fix the real estate industry)
  3. the Epic Origo series of fantasy novel (http://WorldOfOrigo.wordpress.com)
  4. Rebirth (http://twogalaxies.wordpress.com) which I see as a graphic novel but with no artistic ability will settle for a sci-fi novel series.
  • Become a CAPS Speaker
  • Win an Iron Man competition
  • Have Lunch with Bill Teron
  • Create the “Food Foundation”
  • Own Gulliver’s Restaurant Chain, which could be a challenge as I recently learned that they kept the IP and have one opened in Brandon Manitoba (1630 Park Avenue., Brandon, Manitoba R7A-1J5, Canada 728-5930).  I guess well have to wait and see on this one, it was the world theme I loved and my have to go with a different name/feel.  I can see them as a series of world spanning affordable airport lounge/restaurants.
  • $250,000  in yearly passive income
  • Visit 100 Countries
  • Build an Amusement Park in Ottawa, it may need to have a four season dome built over it to encourage tourism.
  • Hold a Political Office
  • To appear on the Colbert Report show and during the interview pull out a “How to Appear on the Colbert Report Show for Dummies book” and quip a memorable line at the master.
  • Learn to Play Saxophone (again)
  • Learn to Play Guitar, hopefully with Cael, we can do father & son classes…I wonder if I could track down Richard Link to teach us…hmm.
  • Sail the Bluenose
  • Own a Dodge Charge
  • Buy a mint Plymouth Prowler
  • Own a Client Condo
  • have Indoor Pool and an outdoor Hot Tub
  • Bar @ Home (fully functioning)
  • Own a Ski Chalet
  • Perform on stage with Penn & Teller
  • Giant Aquarium, and I mean giant…this will probably be a show piece in on of the airport restaurants or at the amusement park.
  • Own a Tropical Resort!  Anyone who posts a comment in this post before I own it can have a 2 week free stay.
  • Have a Puppy
  • Office Bus
  • Develop and Launch a Lasting MMO (Origo/Rebirth), Why you ask? I have a theory…it could be bunnies.
  • Celebrate Trisha & I’s 50th Wedding on a Yacht in the Caribbean
  • Raise Cael (+other Kids) to be Successful
  • Haunted House every Oct 31st
  • be interviewed on the Daily Show with John Steward
  • Help Steve to get his business set up + running, he’ll have to decide what business it is though.
  • Live to 107
  • Build/Convert 25 “Destination” Homes, these would be homes/developments that are in the tourist destination class of property, ie.  if you’re in Ottawa you have to see…
  1. “Castle in the Clouds” Condo Development, I want to build a condo development that looks like a series of towers/minuets reaching into the sky with a castle penthouse on top.
  2. The Eternal Flame, this idea of having a 3 story spiral staircase on the outer edge of the home with frosted glass that has flames projected onto it
  • Inspire 1000 people to personal greatness.
  • Transform to North American restaurant industry. (the book and a speaking tour I hope)
  • David Letterman’s Tie, Yes I want David Letterman’s Tie.

2 thoughts on “Dave William’s Bucket List (not to be confused with Cael)

  1. Hey Dave!

    I just stumbled across your blog. Yesterday, I launched my own bucket list project and i’m looking for fellow achiever-enthusiasts to help me get the ball rolling! If you have a free sec, check out my list at http://sueslist.wordpress.com/

    Good luck with all your endeavors- and if you’d like, keep me posted about all your accomplishments.


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