Bank Tellers @ Lunch

Stewards Log: 11:01:18:05:2010

As the joke goes…

” A business man on his way to a very important meeting after lunch, decided that day to pack a sandwich, drink and snack to be sure he would not get delayed on his way.  When noon hour came he packed up his brief case, pulled out his sandwich, drink and snack and quickly ate his lunch.  It was not the usually high-class business lunch he was use to, but it was 10 minutes later and he was done.

He headed down to the lobby to catch a cab over to his meeting but realized on the way down he had no cash on him, so he popped into the bank.  To his amazement there was a line up of twenty people and only 2 cashes open and the ATM’s were closed for servicing.  Waiting in line he slowly made his way around and around the guide wires untill he finally made it to a teller.  Glancing up he saw the mans name tag proudly proclaimed Bank Manager, frustrated he could not resist asking why the bank was so under staffed.

The bank manager looked up at him quizzically and said, it’s lunch hour, all the tellers are out for lunch…

Ok I know…but the moral of the story is a question.

Would you go to that bank?

People love to talk…just more about bad experiences.

If it’s bad, EVERYONE is going to hear about it.

Consider this one: KS on the Keys, a restaurant in Ottawa has a unique “Word of Mouth” marketing strategy, they invite every potential employee in for training shifts before deciding if they are going to hire them.  Their thoughts, whether they get hired or not they will know about our menu, experience and history…the problem is they don’t mention to the folks that they are not hired yet, until after the training shifts.

The Result: Potential employees go away MAD, feeling like they have been taken advantage of, and should they not get hired…they will probably be working in another restaurant near by, telling everyone who mentions the place how badly they treat their employees and not to support them.  OUCH.

A Good Experience is just not enough.

It Needs to be Great!

Sure you go to the bank to cash a cheque, to avoid the hold you use a teller.  The line up is long; you wait 10 minutes in the line up to get to the front.  Then the teller walks away to do something at a computer for another 5 minutes before serving you.  You have every right to be upset and you probably tell five to ten people before the end of the week.

This is how a bad experiences can taint a business.

People love to talk…it simply takes many times the effort to get a good word as a bad word.

You go to the bank to cash a cheque, to avoid the hold you use a teller….

This time there are only a few people in line, it only takes a few minutes to go through and get you money and your out.  This is how it should be, you expect this and unless someone asks you about the bank you probably won’t tell more than one or two people about it.

People love to talk…about thinks that are special or exciting.

Now if you arrived at the bank, were greeted as you came in and offered a cookie, sandwich, coffee or tea while you wait, still only waited a few minutes, the teller greeted you by name once they opened your file and then thanked you for the visit, how would you feel about the bank.  This time you might tell a few more people this time, maybe three to five.

Now those people might tell some people about it, but in all likelihood only if asked about the bank or in a conversation about it.

This is how word of mouth marketing works, people will go out on a limb and risk their reputation if you offer something special, exciting, out of the ordinary.

They will not talk about it if it is boring, or just the same old thing, that is just not something to talk about.

They will shout from the mountain tops if they have a bad experience because people, really anyone will listen and having people listen make them feel more important.

As always I am Dave Williams, your business steward and I hope you’ve found a valuable idea inside the Idea Vault.


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