Lighting the fire

Stewards Log: 11:36:14:05:2010Light their fire

Motivating employees, staff, partners and associates can some times feel like lighting a fire with wet wood, you’ve done all the right things, including pouring gas on it…but the wood itself just won’t catch and once the gas burns of you’ve still got a pile of wet wood.

Ok the analogy stops here, but the ideas keep sparking.

Getting your partners MOTIVATED!

Be sure they know the score. Playing a game when you don’t know the rules, or the score is frustrating.  There is a certain point where you just get up and go do something else.  Don’t let this be the story of your ENGAGEMENT level.  Make sure everyone knows exactly what is expected of them and where they stand.

Carrot vs Stick
Hit with the stick too many times.

Ensure they know the benefit. Playing to win motivates some people, others need the carrot, and be honest no one really wants the stick.  Beyond a pay check there MUST be a benefit to working with you, people will go much farther, work harder, and risk more for a cause they believe in.  There is a greater benefit in working with your organization, but if you’re not sure let’s brainstorm together in the comments.

Here I’ll help get you started, Shoe Store = Human Comfort Specialists…

Show you value them and their opinion. There are seven root motivators for people and recognition ties very strongly into the higher levels of people’s identities.  Why do you think sales organizations, kindergarten teachers, yearbooks, and sports teams give out awards for almost every activity?  It’s motivates people.

Give them the Confidence they have the right tools. When they have the confidence that you have equiped them with all they need to succeed, THEY WILL SUCCEED.  Understand you will never be able to equip them with every tool they need, but if you have prepared them properly, and given them confidence in your support, they will find the solutions and conquer their goal.

I hope I have SPARKED som idea’s for you, please share them with us below.

Dave Williams


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