Why does everyone leave the Cell store unhappy?

Stewards Log 8:51:13:05:2010

A while ago I had some very special challenges with my new 3G cell phone.  Over the course of a few days I spent around 10 hours at the customer service store front having the issue resolved.  While working out front of the store, or standing around inside the store I noticed something;

Everyone leaves the store unhappy.Cell Store

An old lady who needs some adaptor she doesn`t undersatnd leaves because they don`t have the part )or did not bother to figure out what she needed).

A businessman leaves because they can not accept payment of his phone bill unless in a money order and sealed envelope (which he would have just mailed at that point).

Several people are told to call the 800# for support to show back up later having been told to come back to the store…and the list goes on.

Another thing I noticed was;

Next to no one bought anything.

This experience got me wondering  cell company spends so much money on a store front for brand name recognition when the experience inside ruins their name.

So my thought today is, if you are going to create a catch-all solution…empower your employees and hire empowered employees.  Did you catch that?

Why don’t you share some of your Incongruent customer service experiences here and let’s see if we can all learn something.

Dave Williams


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