Flattery, the sincerest compliment

Stewards Log: 14:07:11:05:2010

Some call it flattery or a compliment, to imitate the end results of someone else’s experience as a nice way of saying “You are awesome and I want to do what you do.” It also happens to be one of the quickest ways to duplicate success. In the business and personal growth fields they call it “modeling”, you take an example of someone successful in a fashion you admire and “model” or imitate their actions to achieve the same results.

The line that comes to mind it an attendee of a seminar walking up to the speaking and saying “Wow, I loved that talk, I want to be able to do it just like you.” and the presenter looks her in the eyes and says “You can, you just have to be willing to do what I did.”

It looks a little something like this…

Dave Williams


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