Are you asking too much from your vendors or Do you let your clients get away with too much? #aha

Stewards Log: 10:50:31:05:2010

Do you supply a service, or require one from a vendor for your business?  Then watch this video and share your aha’s.

So what Aha’s did you have?

(An aha moment is easily identified by the loud “click” sound in you mind when two pieces of a puzzle snapped together, or when you picked yourself up from laughing so hard because it’s so true.)

For me, the aha was only a reaffirmation that some of the negotiations we conduct in business are absolutely outrageous.  (What is the most ridiculous offer you have received?)

So I offer you here a “filter” for evaluating the offers you receive/make on 5 point scale.

[1 Point] – Is this a guaranteed Win/Win relationship?  Which is to say, there is no risk on anyone’s part where they might not be compensated.

[1 Point] – Can the contract be summarized on one sheet?  I realize lawyers charge by the word for the contract clauses they write [:)] but in plain english could you explain who it responsible for what in 5 minutes or on 1 page.

[1 Point] – Are you [getting/giving] transparency?  or would you explain the whole deal and what you offered/received to your spouse, best friend or a judge in full honesty?

[1 Point] – Would you do it again?  This may require you to fulfill a contract to evaluate, but based on your best guess would you take/offer the same contract again?

[1 Point] – Would you trade places?  If you are on one side of the offer, would you trade places and take the other side?

5 Point = John Maxwell says “There is no such thing a business ethics, ethics are all the same.”  but you knew that didn’t you.
4 Points = A Big Win for you and your Business partner!
3 Points = Ask yourself how could you make it better?  Now do it!
2 Points = “Winning through Intimidation” may just be you favourite book, or a required read.
1 Point = Here is a mirror, can you see your reflection?

Dave Williams