Stewards Log: 9:42:28:04:2010

While reading Seth Godin’s Blog today I was reminded of the story of Will Kellogg, CEO of Kellogg’s during the great depression (of the 1930’s) he employed the marketing strategy of exaggeration.  While most cerial companies were downsizing, reducing, cutting, hiding, and praying to make it through, Will ramped up his production rearaging shifts to 6 hours to allow more people the opportunity to work.  He doubled his advertising budget, made the cerial boxes larger (ahh now we know where Family Size comes from 🙂 oh and the signs.

So here’s the idea:  Why times, or the competition is tough most organizations will go into survival mode…this means the are communicating less with their clients and proscpects.

Take them and make them yours!

Dave Williams

<-  Largest Electic sign ever (at the time) built in Time Square

<- Time Square Today


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