Real Estate Salesmanship 101

Stewards Log: 12:30:27:04:2010

Here is a case study for you:

On a bright warm May morning a young couple walking down the main street of their area in a large city pass by “Consignment Realty” a boutique brokerage for the community.
They wander inside and stand looking at the large screen TV displaying several of the brokerages listings.
A Real Estate Agent wanders up to them from behind a desk and says “Hi Folks, I’m Bill.  Can I give you a hand with anything?”
The young man turns an looks at Bill and replies “No, it’s alright were just browsing.”
Confused Bill answers “Well actually nothing in here is for sale, we sell houses.”
The young man blinks and answers “Oh yah, we’re thinking of buying a home?”
“Great” Bill Says with a warm smile “Why don’t we sit down and you can tell me your plans and I’ll see if we can help you with your dreams.”
“Oh, that’s ok” the young man responds and the couple wander out of the store front without another word.
So here’s something to think about.
Think about and Answer these questions for yourself, discuss them with someone else who’s done the same and you may just be ready for Salesmanship 102.

1)Why did the couple come into the store in the 1st place?
2)Were they, or I should say are they going to buy a home in the next few months?
3)Why did they claim they were “just browsing?”
4)What might Bill have done differently?  Should he have done anything Differently?

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