50% of life long results come from…

Stewards Log: 14:03:10:04:2010

In the January 2005 Issue of Training & Development Magazine, Jack Zenger a leading leadership authority, published an article on the three phases of learning.  In their article they revealed how much “resources” organizations would dedicate to the various phases; Phase 1: Pre-Session Work, Phase 2: Learning Events, and Phase 3: Follow-up and Coaching.

Now before I reveal their findings, I want to review some assumptions.  In Kevin Cashman’s book “Leadership from the Inside Out” he reveals that studies from ASTD show that over 50% of life long results come from Phase 3…so in light of that, let’s go back and look at the break down of how organizations used their resources.

Phase 1 = 10%
Phase 2 = 85%
Phase 3 = 5%

So here’s the Idea:  if you are a subscriber to the Pareto Principal, or the 80/20 rule then you see that the REAL RESULTS come from post event Follow-up or Coaching, so take your “resources” and devote 80% to making sure your employees do something…ANYTHING with what the learned from a speaking event.

Here’s hoping I’ve given you something to think about.
Dave Williams


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