The Best Kept Secret of Real Estate Marketing

Stewards Log 11:56:07:04:2010

The Single greatest desire of real estate consumers if for you to be absent untill needed….hmmm

So how do we build relationships?

Here is what Sam at has to say;

One of the great secrets I learned with over 20 years as a small business owner is that when it comes to marketing, doing something ordinary, day in and day out, is much more effective than doing something spectacularly great once in a blue moon.

Marketing — no matter how you cut it, is an essential ingredient for the success of any business, those who stick with it get results, even if they could do everything they are doing better. This obviously is not an invitation to do lousy marketing. The best is to do a combination of spectacularly great marketing and doing it routinely.

There is a “dirty little secret” about making money as a real estate agent … and… it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with how good of a job you do. You can provide outstanding customer service, know more about the housing market and pricing than any other real estate professional and have the nicest office in town and you could still starve to death!

What is it that makes 20% of real estate agents succeed while the rest 80% struggle, fails or change profession?

When I asked a top producing real agent to reveal his secret to success? He nicely put this way, “You have to be there at the right moment, this means showing up and staying top of mind”.

You need to be the “Dominant Agent” in your area, and doing this is easier than you can imagine. The big money is not in working  24 x 7 x 365 Days. It is in working smart with an integrated marketing system that generates leads for you, educates your prospects and encourages them to list, pay, stay and refer each and every year while you focus on sales and listings!

One of the main tasks of your marketing is to devise ways that makes your messages be the one that is there when a prospect decides to finally scratch an itch. By planning and executing an ongoing number of communications, you will find that not only will you be first in line when your customers have a need; you’ll also be first in line when they stumble upon a referral.

Here is a few thing that you should include in your marketing machine:

  • a monthly newsletter featuring great articles, customer success story, issues of interest of your community etc.
  • drip marketing via auto-responder offering market or home keeping tips
  • birthdays acknowledgment through emails or gift certificates.
  • annual community or client appreciation events

Dave Williams

Funny Thought : Real Estate Training and Innovations come from the service providers to the industry rather than the industry itself.


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