What does it do?

Stewards Log: 14:45:05:04:2010

I saw a very cool product today…but I can’t remember what it was called….hmm

It was marketed as a Mobile Design Centre, it had awesome colourful and trendy accessories; covers, holders, styluses, power converters, designer batteries.  All at reasonable prices for accessories.

The main product though was not displayed (kind of looked like a ps2 ish type device), the empty boxes were covered in fluff about designing anywhere with no explanation of what the device might DO?  Now the folks reclining in the park or at a restaurant sitting alone and engrossed in their (what was it called!) made me want a Starbucks.  There was a website on the boxes…however it was a www.some web address.com/some file folder/ some file.hmmm that short of writing down I (a potential consumer) had no way to remember.

The Verdict = $400+ saved on a product that defiantly would have delivered far more that I expected because it set no expectations!

The Idea

Under promise and Over Deliver is a great strategy…as long as you are promising something.

Dave Williams


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