Time Managment = FAIL

Stewards Log: 10:40:01:04:2010

Is time something you can really manage, Time?

I know we can manage resources, manage people, but what is time and how can we manage it?

This is probably the reason no one has really figured out time management yet, we don’t even know what time is. This is akin to trying to manage employees that don’t speak the same language as you. You tell them what you want done and they look at you scratch their heads and go back to doing what they have always done, you shout scream, plead, beg, bribe, threaten, and more but they always go back to their original state.

Why? Because you’re not speaking the same language, they really have no idea what you want, so they humor you and then get board.

This is Time Management – you tell time how to work for you, in a language time does not understand and it goes back to working they way it has always worked.

So let me introduce you to a new concept “Self Management” ok, it’s not really new, I admit it, but here is the new spin I would like to offer you….

Self Management is not about getting yourself to do what you should be doing…we know how that has worked out in the past…it is about Managing your Energy Level.

Think of the difference in your energy level after a long day at work, when you get home and just want to sit down on the couch and not move for the rest of the night…what happens when someone calls you to do something that evening, go out on the town, get together with an old friend?

Now think of a day where you had a great morning, it’s a beautiful day out, you knocked off 5 major projects at work and the same person calls you as your strolling out of the office an hour earlier? What is different this time?

You’re Energy Level!

So the Idea for Today is…plan the hardest, most difficult task, conversations, or events when you have the MOST ENERGY in the day.

Dave Williams


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