Print media is Dead?

Stewards Log: 11:49:30:04:2010

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day who had been considering going into editing, until while doing some research on the field had been told that print media is dead..

I wondered is it true, so I asked my trusted advisor “the Internet” who is always unbiased and informative, you sometime just need to cross reference his information…

Very For : Tony Hung, Deep Jive Interests
Somewhat For: Lynne D Johnson,
Somewhat Against James Joyner,  Outside the Beltway

So the consensus is that print media as we know it today, like the silent movies of the 20’s, is changing into something new…what could it be?

Here’s an Idea…

You have the power to invent it!

…and as a second thought on the idea of the silent theater of the 20’s, why did anyone ever go see those?

The Answer may just give you another idea.

Dave Williams