A Clear Marketing Message

Stewards Log: 10:41:29:03:2010

Why is it that Real estate agents are taught to use sill slogans that rhyme with their name and try to be top of mind, or campy slogans.

eg. With Don Cherry you come up Cherries, Johnny Walker takes the extra steps with you.

When they could find a clear message that communicates their value and is memorable.

Look at Real Estate at the Speed of life…Your Life! (http://www.realestateatthespeedoflife.ca/ or http://www.yourlife.ca/ ) this is a clear message, it says something to the audience (potential clients) about what working with this firm feels like.

So here is a Freebie Idea:

We Move You

It’s a clear brand (Check)
It’s Easy to remember (Check)
It’s explains what your do (Check)
It tells the audience your different (Check)
-at leas in a way that it differentiates you from other potential real estate agents who don’t get the job done.
http://www.wemoveyou.ca/ is available (check again to be sure)

Consider having boxes printed with testimonials from your past clients and giving them to listing appointments to help declutched.

Hope this Sparks and Idea for You!
and if it does Share it with Us
Dave Williams


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