An Opportunist’s Market

Considering the rise in sales and the higher demand for homes these days many folks are calling this a sellers market…I however would like to start calling it an opportunist’s market.  Why you ask?  Well there are a lot of opportunities out there right now regardless of if your selling a home, buying real estate, investing in income properties or doing all three.

Where are the opportunities you ask?

Well, first of all they don’t call it a sellers market for fun.  Right now is a great time to be selling a home, with little competition well priced; well staged homes are selling very quickly.  Now is also the best opportunity to downsize you home to save the most amount of money across the whole transaction.   For more information on downsizing visit

How about if I am buying?  It’s a great time to find a fantastic deal.  Because homes are selling quickly, many folks who were previously unable to sell their home take another shot at it.  As time passes they become a lot more reasonable on the price of their house for the condition it’s in.  Just take a look at to recieve a list of the best deals on the market, just remember you need to be prepared to move fast if you see a good deal because they don’t last long.

Here’s hoping I’ve given you something to think about.

Real Estate Dave
(a.k.a Dave Williams)


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