Shaping the Future with MMOs

Stewards Log: 14:30:30:03:2010

I recently read an article by Samantha Murphy over at Culture Lab and according to sociologist William Sims Bainbridge in his new book the in his new book The Warcraft Civilization, sociologist argues that the online game World of Warcraft portends the future of the real world.

I know….

Then I got thinking about it and it may be true, not for the reasons you might think but for the fact that we (people in general) are conditioning ourselves (through MMO’s) and future generations. Rather than TV or Video Games many young people are turning to social media and social games (like MMOs) as an outlet of fun and learning.

So when a youngster plays online for hours a day, they are conditioning themselves.

Quest (work) for experience and Gold,
Grind (work hard) for more experience and Gold,
Group (work with others) to beat tough challenges and get great gear (Swag, ie. The Coolest Stuff, like a big screen plasma tv’s of MMOs)

One example I can think of is Mafia Wars on Facebook, I’m not a huge gangster fan but the idea of buying real estate (albeit virtual) and creating a passive income was a great idea to see in an online game.

So here is the IDEA: What would we like to condition future generations to do?

Be Eco-Friendly
Drive Responsibly
Build Passive Wealth and avoid the rat race

Well we can leave a legacy -> PUT IT IN AN MMO
I hope I’ve given you something to think about.
Dave Williams